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    How 'bout your boy Orton last night. The ending looked really familiar didn't it?
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    Really? You're a ******* idiot. I care about the Broncos you god dammed mongoloid.
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    Damn, you must be so pissed right now.

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    Yep, you're a genius. Eddie sure sucked today. I bet you're real pissed off that the Broncos won despite your boy Orton being inactive

    Funny, as bad as Tebow is he beat the Raiders in Oak while that loser you've spent two plus seasons apologizing for can't beat them in Denver.

    Keep spouting bullshit, I find it hysterical.
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    How's your investment in that Orton jersey treating you dipshit?

    I love how you bitch and moan about shit then call people "idiots" on an almost daily basis. You're a hupocrite dude, face it. But, you have your nose so far up Alastor's ass that at least you have the protection of the MODsquad.

    You ever wonder why almost nobody over there likes you?
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    I'm sorry you get to troll around that site and call everyone "idiot" with immunity. It was damn fun watching you put you stupid ass foot in your stupid ass mouth time and again though.

    Please come over here and tell us all how Eddy drops too many balls and then post that chart to prove your point. nice backpeddle though.
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