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    She could absolutely leave, you don’t think she has more formula? Can’t buy any? Come on man…
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    They’re exactly the same, they’re items. He was trying to keep her from leaving with his belongings, not keep her from leaving in general. Had she not taken his property none of this happens. I understand this can escalate, I’m not saying the cops shouldn’t have ensured they were separated but if they’re making an arrest in this instance it should’ve both, period.
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    The facts we know DO indicate that to a slightly higher extent his actions did. She took his phone and refused to give it back, he took things he shouldn't have and refused to give them back until he received his phone back. When I read your words there I'm even more inclined to believe Juedy should sue the Arapahoe County police for violating his civil rights. Her actions showed more intent to permanently deprive him of a possession as there was no timetable or if this then that scenario, she took it and he wasn't getting it back, period.

    What they both did was illegal, and either both should have been arrested or neither should have been. He was arrested for being male during this encounter, yes what he did was illegal but she wasn't arrested for the same (slightly worse!) actions.
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    Yea, I should have put an /sarcasm after the laughing. These guys acting like anything is a nothing burger. We have a grown man withholding a child's food out of pettiness. It should be called on the floor but he's a football player. Do I think it is DV in and of itself, no. But situations like that balloon in a heartbeat into real DV situations.
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    So sorry to hear of your passing. Man you sucked.
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    Dude, I'm so stoked. I love Wilson. I like him as a guy too which makes this even better. So happy.
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    Broncos fans are stupid, don’t try to understand us.
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    Even I’m not that dumb.
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    What board?
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    Okay we’ll good luck on that test next week bro!
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