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    My guess is it would have probably been either Amon Amarth or Enslaved.
  2. Nothing transcends style. You're yash levels of trash right now.
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    IMO, that transcended styling on. He basically just messed around and ruined them bitches. And I loved every moment of it.
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    That's my girl bruv. Why you always have to move in on what's mine??????
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    I <3 u?!
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    Yeah, pretty much.
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    If you need to talk let me know.
  8. Why does her minor bad action alleviate him? If the argument is she should be in trouble, sure. But that's not germane to the point.

    He's being treated differently because he was controlling her movements. The tampering is tied to their domestic relationship. It's not because he's a man. His illegal actions is tied to a DV enhancement, hers wasn't.

    She called the officers because she wanted the situation monitored; what does that tell you? She can't drive legally without her license. She couldn't leave without her wallet and medical information. He was controlling where should could go, and the law takes that very seriously, as she should. The law treated the taking/tampering of the baby food, child's medical information, which was her in wallet differently because it was tied to their relationship/child. If that was someone else who did it, there'd be no different treatment. The specifics dictated the outcome in this situation.
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    Why didnít she just give his phone back?

    Again, Iím not saying he shouldnít have been arrested but heísbeing treated differently by the law than she is and itís 100% because heís a man. They both took the otherís property and held it hostage. It makes no difference whatsoever what the property is, thereís no law anywhere that says baby formula theft is different than cell phone theft.

    I understand you have a soft spot given the need for formula but unless the law specifies degree of wrongness by items then there is no factual difference between their actions, only emotional.
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