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    Everyone loves BBQ.
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    Of course you were.
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    Where were you when The Doom took Old Valyria??!
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    The king meme is dead! Long live the king meme!
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    Thompson is the one you should start with. He was a savage. Made a living killing politicians.

    On George Senior;

    George Bush "He has the instincts of a dung beetle. No living politician can match his talent for soiling himself in public. Bush will seek out filth wherever it lives... and when he finds a new heap he will fall down and wallow crazily in ir, making snorting sounds out of his nose and rolling over on his back and kicking his legs up in the air like a wild hog coming to water." (228)

    Televangelist Oral Roberts;

    "Oral Roberts is a greed-crazed white trash lunatic who should have been hung upside down from a telephone pole on the outskirts of Tulsa 44 years ago before he somehow transmogrified into the money-sucking animal that he became when he discovered television." (229}

    I'd recommend you skip Fear and Loathing, and get straight to the goods w/ Generation of Swine, and Songs of the doomed (Doooooooomed!),
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    Tried to mhs but am stoned right now. That was a cool post bro, thanks. Tons of questions I want to ask you

    Oh, first off yeah you did learn alot but what has convinced you you're going to be alone rest of your life? You just have to be careful of female nature which you will quickly enough master as you gain experience. Just be careful because women can be nasty af

    Did you retake the bar?
    Where you at what's going on
    And generally how you've been

    Me- alright. Retiring from gov in 2 weeks. Getting out of dc tg. Are you in indy?
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    He wouldnt say a lot of things to people's faces. I guarantee it.
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    Strong list. I love all three, though I've never actually read LC. It does my heart good to see Twain on there. One of my very favorites. That man was the true OG of American letters, and the first style brother. His humor was legendary. I also love me some Steinbeck. IMO the best of the Lost Generation writers. Grapes of Wrath was one of the most powerful and important novels in American history. But for a lighter side, I adore Tortilla Flat (his first book) and Cannery Row. He's an icon. John Irving is probably my GOAT, but Kurt Vonnegut is right there as well. Both are humanists, but the latter is as concise as the former is verbose and layered. Kurt was also a true style bro. I've only read two of Alex Haley's books, but he also makes the list. Roots may be the only book I think is more important to American history than Grapes of Wrath. Every US citizen should read it. And last but not least is the legendary Hunter S. Thompson, the ultimate master of style. Have you read the good doctor's books?
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    I do sincerely wish you luck.

    Where the heck are you going?
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    Lemmeget back to you, I gotta go to work.
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