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    Yeah. Lyricism.
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    BJ is a kind man. He's harmless. You have bigger fish to fry.
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    Instead of taking the jail D in the ass, which is what he deserves.
  4. He's going to end up taking a deal that results in no incarceration.
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    What a piece of shit. Disgusting.
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    Rich fvckers are overwhelmingly conservative. It be what it be.
  7. Meh, so much of those votes are going to be on the most basic platform things. You're giving him credit for basically remembering to put his hand on homework he's handing in. I think you're conflating the litmus test argument badly. One party argues that you bow down to one man. The other party wants you to vote with a coalition that runs the spectrum of progressives to dead centrists. In fact, I'd make that argument itself to take a potshot against Manchin. You talk about the ability to get the rest of the agenda done? You would need to have a major talk with Manchin as he's the one who gutted it. Literally, most of your arguments that you're making seem to cut against Manchin.

    And I'm sad because if you are like this, then the rest of the country is doomed. You used to be a great man. I'll mourn you.
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    He votes 90% with Biden's agenda, which we've been told is the most progressive in history! He's a pretty reliable supporter of the Biden agenda. If 90% is not enough for him to still be considered a Democrat, then that's wild. Like I thought Trump and the right were the ones doing all of these litmus tests and if you disagree 1 time then you're a RINO. Dems need to be better! Even if they don't get everything they want at the moment. He deserves criticism from the left for not supporting the agenda, so go ahead and be critical! I understand it. But I don't think that he deserves to be labeled a DINO, or a Republican. That is not productive for Dems, the party, the ability to get Biden's agenda through for the remainder of his presidency. Flip another couple of seats and Dems wouldn't have to rely on the coal Dem from conservative WV so much!

    I shit on progressives when I am discussing things with people who are liberal/progressive/Dems. I shit on Republicans when I'm discussing things with people who are mostly conservative. You should see me in P&R right now!
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    there's a text limit on here, wtf!

    I do lean more centrist on economic issues for sure, and I do have beef with progressivism in some instances, and the Democratic party historically, so those are my biases...but I understand why they are upset! I just hope they don't lose a 90% reliable seat in a conservative area as a result. I'm just realistic about the state of politics/how things work and Dems/Progressives need to be more pragmatic in terms of how things get done IMO by not overreacting to something as unsurprising as a coal Dem not supporting spending a lot of money on climate change. The more people who support the majority of Biden's agenda the better, but I understand why some politicians don't support 100% of it all the time. It's just impossible to rely on a 50-50 split (or whatever it is right now) to get you all the votes you need.
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