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    Anytime man, if there's anythign I can do to help or any questions I can answer feel free to text me or reach out., 504-669-8907
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    That's a good looking Fit and Vroom seems to be for real, i've never personally used them but I don't see people making a fuss about them online anywhere. I also don't have any personal experience with the Fit but I trust Honda to make a reliable, utilitarian vehicle. Repairpal (online repair database) gives it a 4.5 (excellent) rating for reliability and JD Power gives it a 4 (good). Both have it ranked in the top 5 for economy subcompacts. With the exception of 2015 they've been well rated for reliability.

    On your car.... that's a tough call. Your trade-in value if it was in "very good" condition, meaning in great shape, no dents or dings, and only minor paint blemishes, etc. would be between $3,000 - 4,000. Subtract from there any repairs, damages to the exterior or interior, and you're at zero or negative.

    If the dealership is willing to give you $1,000 for it i'd take it. If less you have to ask yourself if it's worth the hassle of trying to offload it yourself. $1,000 is probably all you can reasonably expect to get for it.
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    A little pricier but this one is pretty nice, I like the small SUV

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    Remind me where in Oklahoma you live?
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    Sometimes you just hit your limit.
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    lmao I was a bit tipsy last night--we didn't bang or anything, right?

    Sam Battle, check wikipedia. I kinda hate 'appropriating' but damn if it's not the flip side of the homage coin.

    And we are only cool when I say we are cool.
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    We are good. We are always going to butt heads, and I'm going to be wrong a lot. You got under my skin when I said race discussions are lame and you rejoined with 'too cavalier bro'. It was, but I was hoping someone would champion my sentiment. It's a hard to express sentiment though, and it's a losing effort to even bother, so w/e.

    There was another thing too. But I'll be damned if I can remember it.

    This life comes at you fast. Pretty soon there's nothing. Certainly too fast to make enemies with the ones you love.

    Stay good bro.
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    Well, lets be real here. When i say its entertaining im saying its ALL entertaining because the media also are playing their own part in all this. In a perfect world i want both to be better but i know that it will never happen because Trump cant help himself and neither can the MSM.

    If there is one thing i can appreciate in terms of outcome of all this is the exposure of the media and its agendas, biases, and corruption when creating fake news. Its been a huge problem for me for many years and sadly it took a reality tv star to call them out on it.

    But at the end of the day im not going to be bent out of shape about what Trump says on twitter because i know he is just trying to get a reaction. Im more concerned with the actual policies that he is putting in place or has put in place. To me the guy is full of hot air but in terms of my livelihood nothing has changed or is any different than when Obama or Dubya were office. The only changes in my life have been me and wife's doing.

    I think some of the praising you speak of are for two reasons, 1) because guys like you and Buff, Mo, etc get so bent out of shape about it some people like to troll you guys back because of all the carrying on. And 2) when we see bad behavior by guys like (i forget his name but the reporter that Trump booted from a press conference) the CNN guy who act in the same manner they like to see a President fight back.

    In a perfect world i would like to see the President, our government officials, and the media in general be better because they all have an effect on us good or bad. But since none of them want to be accountable this is what we are basically left with. But im just not going to lose my shit about a guy whom i know is a blowhard unless he is passing some law that i feel is bogus.
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