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    Hi Abe, sorry it's taking a bit. I sent Davii a text message as I'm not sure he saw my message online. Hopefully we have this taken care of today. Sorry!!!
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    I have requested Davii and Tned to take care of the issue. It's not something that will allow me to edit on the mod panel. I'm sorry. They will do that once they have seen my pm.
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    It looks like your account is awaiting email verification. Check your email for that. If that isn't it, let me know.
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    What email are you now using?
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    Let me look into your email issue, if I can't fix it, I will have Davii look at it.
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    Awesome, man. Glad to hear it.
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    Hey man. Are you glad you left the states? I remember before you left the first time.
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    You've made your opinion on progs very clear. I find most of your arguments on this particular subject to be wanting. Saying 'well, he's GOPer who compromises more,' isn't much of a defense. It worsens if he's actually a liberal. And to be blunt, he's not much of one. He does have to represent his constituents. But we can pretty much objectively state that his folks are going to be on the front lines of getting their ass beaten by the very same things he is rejecting in this bill. Moreover, arguing that he's combating inflation and that will help his folks is a great argument; poorer folks are hurt the most by inflation....it's just that his reasoning doesn't apply.

    Regarding you and progs: you literally shit on them more than any other group. To the point that you go "horseshoe theory is applicable," and provide weak comps from them and their 'counterparts' on the right. Regardless, calling him reliable isn't accurate; Biden shifted left and is still a centrist, the party is still centrist, and he told the centrists to go kick rocks. He's reliable in the same way a guy like Antonio Brown is reliable; he's there a lot....he can do some great things...but he'll implode and take a lot of people out with him.

    It's depressing. You depress me. You are my enemy now. )=
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    Voting with the bulk of the agenda is one thing, but breaking from the party line that's filled with mostly moderates, centrists, however you want to qualify it, on the main legislative platform of the party is pretty large as a departure.

    You seem to offer a "well, you can't do this, but you could do that," type of offer. Not only does that feel like it misses the mark on what I say above, his reasoning for the departure from the party platform isn't sound in either policy. This is my problem: folks with your mindset will bash and falsely attack Progs as folks who won't compromise and then almost glorify him for doing the exact same thing. West Virginia, a poor state that contributes very little to the union and is subsidized federally by all the blue states filled with people that WV folks apparently dislike are handing the GOP a victory. Biden is historically unpopular at this time, the Dems have a chance at pashing popular legislation,and we're left with this.
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    I proffer this as more proof. Don't blame the Progs for a lack of a POTUS in 2024, or midterms. This is a centrist obstructing pretty much the rest of the party. I use the term centrist loosely.
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