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  1. I get that people have different opinions. I respect that some people just genuinely don't like it. I've heard a hundred different reasons why it "sucks" I decided to buy it despite that, I enjoy it despite that. I'm not looking to spend 10 pages justifying why I decided that, or listen to people telling me it's a terrible game. I just thought it would be cool to play some video games with people on here because for the most part, outside of a few turds, this place has cool people who are fun to be around.

    I guess I fail to see how that's unreasonable...
  2. I didn't want a big long debate, just thought "hey, maybe some of the dudes on this board are playing too and want to group up." once Shane starts complaining about something he spends 15 pages raging on it.

    Sorry if just wanting to avoid the same exhausting complaint fest and find someone to play a game with is too "dramatic" for you.

    Its deleted at this point... If I wanted people to tell me how bad the game supposedly is, I'd go read reddit.
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