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  1. Yup, but i’m Trending up after they got a pick for Keesum.
  2. I'm pretty down on them right now. Just kind of blah with the broncs.
  3. That’s how I’ve felt about a lot of Elway’s moves, like North said, I look forward to them not drafting/signing anybody I want.
  4. I just don't get their treatment of him. You couldn't ask for a better guy and Elway is shitting on him. It's making me think pretty lowly of my team.
  5. I actually love CHJ, it’s been a career long thing to rip on him.

    I hope they keep him, I just hope they keep him by the year-by-year method.
  6. You are a shit! I thought you were serious!
  7. No ... actually, I didn’t.
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