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  1. That they do
  2. yup.... and you do it so well..... plus some people make it just too easy...
  3. Have to find the small things in life to get joy from.
  4. yes but that's what makes you sooooo good!!!! Love it!!!
  5. Again....thank you and I agree 100%... it was the tissue that freaked me out....too much.
  6. Sorry, haven't been around much. Life has been pretty hectic. Good, but hectic. Sorry for the VERY late reply, but doing them in their own threads is best, I think. Hopefully, you got to head to camp quite a few times.
  7. I did a camp report today in it's own thread. I remembered that's what you wanted a couple of years that still true? Or should I post in the Training Camp Thread? Will try to write a couple more before it's all over....hope everything is going well....take
  8. You and me both. I'm a typo generating fool.
  9. Thansk sweetie.....when I type I don't always read what's there....just what I was thinking....
  10. Agreed. Lots of focus on Manning and his legacy, but I want it more for some of the other guys, not to mention us fans.
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