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  1. You too my friend!
  2. Happy gameday!
  3. I didn't remember the joke -it was just off the cuff- and then it popped into my head like five minutes ago. Jaded is our rock!
  4. No worries man. We have to protect Jaded from, well, Jaded!
  5. Sorry for the post you had to delete. The one about running for POTUS. My bad.
  6. Your point was well taken. Post deleted.
  7. And I you man! Check your Facebook messenger
  8. You know I love you bro.
  9. And I you, my point is it’s needlessly caustic and will contribute toward the type of atmosphere that will result in the thread being moved.
  10. A post can be within the boundaries of the rules but against the 'spirit' of the rules. When I wrote it it was in reference to knowledge of the issues that the players are protesting about, and I won't pull any punches on that one. I will look at it again tomorrow with fresh eyes. Love you, brother.
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