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  1. I think we're going to have about ten wins or so. I am very, very hype!
  2. Get hype brother!!!!
  3. I'm going to push back a little on this. The past several times I've taken the high road and he's drawn my ire.
  4. Sometimes I think that I really might be, haha.
  5. Thank you for your kind words, Joe.
  6. Do I not have your correct cell number? I sent you a text yesterday. Thinking about you and your family. So sorry about your aunt.
  7. We love you, Joe.
  8. My daughter and I text during the games. Last Sunday was the most fun we've had talking/texting in a long time.

    I'm cautiously optimistic, but really excited!
  9. We have a QB!!!!!!!
  10. Doubt it, because I always have had love in my heart for you. I love my kids, but we fight. I love my wife, but we argue.

    I hate him and hope he gets hit by a truck. No regrets.
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