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  1. Doubt it, because I always have had love in my heart for you. I love my kids, but we fight. I love my wife, but we argue.

    I hate him and hope he gets hit by a truck. No regrets.
  2. Well, maybe it won't last forever. We've had our differences in the past and look at us now. Maybe you and Cug will patch it up.
  3. I'm sorry to say I have nothing but hate for him. Irrational? Sure, but it's true.

    I hate him.
  4. have love in your heart...use your love. Or don't, I mean I can't tell you what to do, haha.
  5. I noticed! Good to have you back in there.
  6. Joe. Hello. I am a kinder man now. Especially in p and r.
  7. Oh, I'm ready!
  8. Joe, prepare for a long string of victories.
  9. Grow a pair.
  10. I find it interesting you never responded to my message here from 11/19.

    I don't really care if you're "through with me". I think most of your takes are ridiculous, and you pass opinion as fact.

    I wish you well in your endeavors. You'll make a great attorney if you keep this up. Granted, you might lose a lot of cases, but losing = winning, right?

    All that said, if you're ever in Denver and we get together to have a beer, I'm sure we'd get along splendidly. Just ask Wave.
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