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  1. Put it another way - if you read what I'm responding to, and not just my response, and flip through some old threads, you'd be amazed. Go flip through some of those old CK/TS war threads. They're not that hard to dig up.

    Then tally some scores.

    That's my response, spit out as I thought.
  2. I'm not keeping score in quite the same way, I'm just spittin my thoughts in the moment as they occur. If I'm imperfect and have failed you, I apologize.
  3. People say "I just want someone to lay it to me straight," and "just say what you mean and mean what you say," until it's something they don't want to hear. Here's my response: think about all the times I was civil and argued in good faith (almost all of the time) and then think about the responses I've received.

    Has it ever occurred to you that once upon a time I literally did everything you've ever criticized me for and it didn't matter?
  4. I do know that the judgment of others affects personal power. With that in mind, I'd only want to risk judgment and a diminution of power (audience-dependent) when I knew it was worth it. Otherwise, I'd just accumulate power.
  5. The ice cold heart is for law. I'm not here operating in that capacity. I tried being Mr. Logical and methodical thought on here for years. It didn't persuade anyone. Wanna know how? Because you said it yourself: "No one cares if you're right." Do you really think my stance isn't based on logic and fact? I could produce so much verified and reputable data it'd make your head spin.

    It. Doesn't. Matter.

    In court you're standing in front of at least trained professionals and if they're worth their weight in salt they have an open mind to hear the argument.

    It never 'mattered' how much I 'won' the debates. Do you think logic penetrates the ideological and decided mind?
  6. I have seen great players get stuck for ten days on that last star.
  7. I get so angry man. I have anger issues.
  8. Then I backslid.
  9. You're a stud!
  10. I'm one win away from mythic in limited...
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