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  1. Ah cool man, yea thanks. I will check those out for sure. Thanks for the recommendations. \m/
  2. Oh yeah, I know of a a few, lol, since that is my main hobby. I collect figures and statues. There are several available on now of Harley. I have the comic version of Harley in 1/4 scale and a smaller 1/7 scale figure. There have also been several of the movie versions done. is a another good site to find that stuff. Somebody on here had a Silver Surfer statue as their avatar and that is a new piece so that's another collector I am sure, lol. Just thought your Avatar was cool and it's such a niche hobby it's always fun to connect with others into it as well. Take care, Chris
  3. Do you mean figurines? Yes and no. I have a few things mostly Godzilla related but i do have a Eric Draven, Spawn, and Ash of the Evil Dead figurines. If there was one of Harley i would probably buy it why you know of something?
  4. Northman, are you a statue collector? Asking because of your Avatar.
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