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  1. If I might make a suggestion, just go scoop her up if she's willing. Once they make it a mandatory evac you're going to have a hard time getting in to get her as everyone else will be thinking the same thing. If she's that close I'd just get her now, worst case scenario you bring her home tomorrow or Saturday. I don't know how it will look with fire evac there, but I've been through fire and hurricane evacs, it's utter ******* chaos, nobody follows rules or orderly processions.
  2. Doing good, just saw the massive storm and thought of you! Hoping for some football!!
  3. Hey hey, thanks for checking in. All is well
    We're going to get a lot of rain but we're far enough from landfall that we should be ok, all outer band stuff for us here.

    How have you been?
  4. Hey, just checking in. You and the fam ok down there??
  5. They should. Once surgeries are going, etc people will feel more comfortable and sink back into their old habits.

    He'll, the ERs here don't let you inside until they triage. You pull up in your car, they assess you, either bring you in or make you wait in your car until it's your turn.
  6. No doubt, it's extremely sad. Cognitive dissonance, they won't care until it effects them personally. I know a lot of older people not taking it seriously as well, but nothing like the younger folks.
  7. I wish they would do that here. The younger crowd just isn't taking it seriously. It's sad really, if it were the younger people dying, the elders would do everything in their power to protect them. The other way around, the younger crowd says bye boomers.
  8. They've started arresting people here for violations. While I can't stand government overreach their main mission is to keep us safe, so I'm all for it.
  9. Youngest daughter works with me so she's in my environment. Older daughter is a manager at a grocery chain so I'm scared to death with her still working. One boy is still working and ok. Other was laid off, but doing ok. So far, so good. If only the ********* here would stop hiking all over God's green mountains instead of staying their asses at home, we'd be done with this shit here.
  10. It's pretty grim, but looking up at least locally here in New Orleans. The rest of the state is lagging us by about a week but they're saying it looks like the social distressing has turned the curve here and we shouldn't run out of ventilators, etc. Still not good, but it's better than reward for sure.

    How are your kiddos doing?
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