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  1. And if we all see it and know it, how can the coaches not? Just wow!!
  2. I was LMAO with your comment on the game thread on reducing the guys on the line with a pretend sweep. Your talking game logistics. Carol can find links of articles of why it is a bad idea and I’m thinking but how does it make the players feel. LOL
  3. Merry Christmas, my beautiful friend!!
  4. Love you, my friend! Hope you and yours have a beautiful Christmas!!
  5. I adore you and your don’t go there no nonsense. Hugs my friend.
  6. Yes, I have cried a couple times today. Sad that such a good young man is gone. It's just not fair, he shouldn't be gone! He had a servant's heart when he could've grown into a cold human with all that he went through. To have such a kind heart after all that is truly a testimony to just how good he was! This stinks!!
  7. BTW I ended having some talks with Aaron in Tahoe the last couple of years we could be at the golf tournament. He really different when he's not in a crowd. He was as nice of a person as he could be. He called me a sweetheart and when he saw me after that his eyes would light up and say, hey how are you and give me a big smile. He puts up a big wall because I think he gets hounded for things all the time. But when he's alone there is a a good person that just wants to be liked for himself. Like I said it probably won't work out, but then again you have 2 proven old QB's with rings so we shall just see.
  8. Love you, friend! Sending you lots of love!
  9. You are beyond kind and in a year that sucks so much, you are that bright light. Saw this from the Dalai Lama this am and I went OK: Patience doesn’t arise spontaneously, we have to make an effort and familiarize ourselves with it. What’s more, it’s those hostile to us rather than our friends who teach us patience.
  10. Love you, my friend! You and Carol are off limits in my book. I will fight to the death for you ladies!
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