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  1. Yea, doing well. Just been real busy with work, and figured I could use a break anyway. Didn't really have any desire to log back into P&R during the Senate impeachment stuff. All's good, thanks for checking.
  2. You ok? Haven't seen you login or post.
  3. I'm so sorry you are going through it. Hope things get better and he's safe, and you can relax and not worry.
  4. It's a day to day thing right now. Some good, some bad. Drained. He's safe, so that's good. I have a pretty short fuse right now, so I've stayed away from posting. I went off pin wave, which was stress related, but i just have no patience for petty shit right now when going through something pretty significant. Thanks for checking in!
  5. ..
  6. Thanks buddy! :heart:
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