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  1. Yea, the Ellis hate is silly. He seems to have tried to run the team the way Mr. B wanted it, including letting Elway run football operations, which Mr. B. wanted when he reached out to Elway after firing McDaniels.

    Just hope new owner is solid and let's the professionals run the football operations.
  2. I had forgotten that Mr B had said no more Coach/GM again after Mike. Thanks for bringing that up. I’m just tired of Ellis getting the villain role all the time.
  3. From what I heard is that the scouting team got way down under Elway. It's easy to get tunnel vision and let's face it 20/20 hind sight is something we all have. I heard that Paton has greatly, like doubled the scouting team, so I'm hopeful. But it's just easier to talk to you. LOL
  4. I think it's great the way you've interacted with players. Yea, when you throw out the anomalies, the majority of the league has a few good years, maybe makes it to, or even wins a SB, then goes through down times, and hopes to get back to having a few good years. Whether it was Elway, the coaches, blind luck, or whatever, during Mr. B's rein, we had three decades of success that were VERY unusual in the NFL.
  5. For sure, just glad I got to enjoy those runs. But have loved the time I’ve interacted with different players when they weren’t in those runs. I lot easier to do when the band wagon is smaller. Lol. New England is not the normal but neither is Bill B. and McD is great with QB’s. Just not drafts or administrations from what I’ve heard, too much of a control freak.
  6. Yep, agreed.
  7. Plus keeping The Bowens name good is good for the team. Do they really want a Jerry Jones, it's just not simple.
  8. thanks
  9. Thanks for the kind words. I'm overcoming it and getting stronger in the process. I just wanted those guys to know that I got knocked down hard and yet I see why things have to be the way that they are. Losing the money has not been easy but nothing is worth my life or the life of anyone in my family. Thank you for your support. (we need a heart emoji)
  10. Hey I can' post a message on my high five area....I can just hit the high five button. Is there something I've done wrong? My computer is old, could that be why?
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