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  1. It's never fun to lose, but it's going to happen. So better now and learn to regroup and go forward. Night, night. Bed time for ne too. Oh and the Chargers were 1 of the teams that wanted Von, glad they went with Mack
  2. Yep, I was having fun after working out, but now its time to finish up some work and go to bed
    Enjoy Dallas the warm weather. Its freaking freezing here. I head to arizona in a few days, that will be nice! Bummer about the avs, but I am actually okay with them losing a few. They almost seemed to have forgotten what it is like to lose and bounce back. So this could be good medicine for us to come back for the playoff run.
    Stay safe!
  3. Move on buddy, well text. Your the best.
  4. Yep!
    Agreed on all accounts
    I am still riding the high wave that we have a QBOTF and that QB is a proven Prob Bowl QB. So exciting!!!!
  5. I heard today that the FO was all in on Rodgers but I think it was at the Senior Bowl that they started to hear that he was probably going to stay in GB. What a ridiculous contract they are giving him BTW. Anyway at the point Paton had been in contact with Seattle so he got a lot more aggressive with getting the deal done. I was writing this and then thought why. If we try to explain it won't help so you and I know that Paton does know what he's doing and just be happy with our team. I was also going to write that TB was just a placeholder till the QB Paton wanted could work out, but why kick that hornet nest again. Will keep in touch.
  6. It's a done deal with him and wife doesn't get to squash it from everything I'm reading. It's so crazy and makes me so happy. I'm just glad I have relationships with several of the players from last season that will be back. This way they know I'm not a bandwagoner and when I ask for stuff, it's because I'm a fan. I'm dancing inside so much and I have to go to Dallas tomorrow. But now it's like whatever, I'll make money but it's not my full focus, that I suck at because I get overwhemled. I'm so weird that way. Now it's lets get some good work done so I can enjoy my Avs and Broncos. Camp will be nuts, but we'll have a blast!!!! I should get more hugs because the Alum should come back big time.
  7. It is really freaking ridiculous. Several times today I have actually chuckeled outl oud thinking about it. He is 5 to 6 years younger, maybe not as good, but he has the running ability Rodgers does not. PLUS- he said he does want to play until he is 45. Even to 40 is 7 more years of him!!!! That is incredible! I am sure we will not work on his contract until after we see him play this year, but I personally would extend him right now. I would add 6 more years, however, because he is due ZERO GTY money- it is smart to Not extend him now, but holy smokes! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Camp is going to be packed now P! The only 1 and its being nitpicky is he wanted (his wife wanted) a large market like NYC or LA or something. We are not that, however, with a QB here we will again gobble up all the mid west viewers. So maybe the market tips towards us. With the AVS and NUGs doing really well and new ownership for broncos there might be enough momentum to swing this through.
  8. I am sooooo happy. This is even better. Rodgers has his own type drama, but a younger player that seems to have strong leadership, so perfect!
  9. Yikes. That is a lot. Ugh so sorry to hear. Definitely take some time, re-group, get your bearings back. Hopefully, by then we have Rodgers on his way to town!
  10. The trip from hell did shake me. I came home thinking I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I spent $ 3400 more that I was hoping for and made next to nothing. I should just stay home but I have so much fabric that doesn't make sense. Lot's of doubt and second guessing. Today though I realized that even though I did have the trip from hell I survived it. I went with my instincts and found a mom and pop shop that took care of me. The owner got me a uber to get to the fairgrounds and didn't charge me. The van is working and I paid $ 5000 less than anything else out there with that mileage, with a reason I didn't know at the time, but I didn't pay full covid used van prices. Anyway I'm doing better but the fires not that far from my house really shook me to feeling so vulnerable and this trip added to that feeling. Thanks for the message and I 100% believe it. Plus the talking to Aaron I've done in the past when he's moved on, he doesn't change his mind. We'll talk more later when I'm more myself.
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