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  1. Yea pretty done with him. 9 times out of 10 he's trolling people to try and get them worked up and say something to get themselves banned. Dent does the same crap. Both are terrible posters and likely won't get responses from me anymore. I just don't have time for that particular brand of stupid.

    I get along with 99% of the people on the boards at this point, but those two clowns...They aren't worth my time.
  2. Did you see him go off on me when I showed advanced deep ball stats on Keenum? Top basically said it didn't matter because he had a youtube clip of a few deep balls being completed, and that his eyes are the ones worth trusting. That's after him erroneously saying I had no facts for my arguments, time and time again, from thread to thread. He's ridiculous.
  3. He and Dent are cut from a similar cloth...
  4. He's a horrible human being, a fake victim, a sophist, a whiner, a liar! I...I don't care for him.
  5. Reread the post and what the education was referring to. Then read my response to DB where I explicitly state I wasn’t referring to a degree. If I’m going to take a dig I’m blunt.
  6. Thanks King, you ain't so bad yourself.
  7. You're my boy Frey!
  8. I think I've had enough of this place for an indefinite amount of time. I'm not rage quitting and getting banned like you did lol, but I'm sick of the childish insults...I feel like I'm stick on a text message version of xbox live where everyone is telling me what they did to my mom last night. I may be back once the draft is over, but I've had enough of the toxic negativity around here.

    I'm glad we were able to get past our initial differences, I've enjoyed conversing with you for the last year.
  9. No sir. Not those two. One of them was well before your time.
  10. They only ban liberals, they're full of shit, they don't care when anyone who isn't conservative gets blasted, and it's the same bullshit all the time.

    This is what needs to happen, Frey. Chaz has my contact info if you want it.
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