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  1. I try my best.

    But it's often shit.
  2. Not a bad idea. You rule, Kinger, NEVER change.
  3. smoke some pot, fam.
  4. I can’t do it today, I’m so full of ****** unrefined hate.
  5. I'm upset, too. I'm here for you, Jadedkiss.
  6. You may be right about Thomas but I haven’t read/heard the concerns.
  7. I wish part of draft culture was admitting you were wrong in the past - I had forgotten how badly, for instance, Detroit was lambasted for taking Ziggy Ansah, and he turned into a pretty ******* top flight pass rusher.

    If I am on wrong on Andrews, I will apologize to him via twitter.
  8. 15: R1p15
    wr jerry jeudy
    46: R2p14
    cb bryce hall
    47: R2p15
    edge terrell lewis
    65: R3p1
    wr bryan edwards
    south carolina
    77: R3p13
    lb troy dye
    78: R3p14
    s terrell burgess
    83: R3p19
    rb clyde edwards-helaire
    95: R3p31
    cb lamar jackson
    107: R4p1
    ot jack driscoll
    118: R4p12
    g logan stenberg
    119: R4p13
    dl rashard lawrence

    This report reads like Sambrailo, which is where I got my first impression from.
  10. PFF doesn’t have Ezra ranked but give him a 4th round grade and eventual starter, he reads like Bolles but without the 10 cent head and penalties.
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