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  1. Both areas are a cancer to the country because of their racism. That's the punchline. I could dress it up better, but it works.
  2. That shit was brutal.
  3. The whole damn thing is shameful.

    Starter: C.J. Anderson

    Backups: Devontae Booker

    Key stat: C.J. Anderson broke 28 more tackles in 2014 (59) than he did in 2015 (31).

    If this were solely starting running back rankings, the Broncos would likely be higher. For some reason, though, they refuse to treat Anderson like he’s “the guy” in Denver, despite completely outproducing his peers. Anderson’s broken-tackle numbers may have been down last season, but his yards after contact per attempt actually went up, and his six broken tackles in the Super Bowl proved that he can still make defenders miss.

    I know at one point Hillman breaking tackles was contested.
  5. Man, Hoof sure disappeared from that rappers thread really quickly after you dressed him down!
  6. Hoof is awful.
  7. I really hate it when people who have never studied anything in their life try to correct me using 'knowledge' that is nothing but propaganda. Holy ******* shit.
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