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  1. They keep deleting your posts and Nomad's troll posts get to stay up. Gotta love it. At the rate they are going they will eventually get the right wing only circle jerk they've always wanted this board to be.
  2. Yeah - the delete function is OP.
  3. #stylebrosforlife

    Also must be super nice to get to just delete everything when you get completely dunked on.
  4. You know I love you, right?
  5. Must be nice to be on the "right" side of the tracks if you know what I mean. You can do no wrong here.
  6. Both areas are a cancer to the country because of their racism. That's the punchline. I could dress it up better, but it works.
  7. That shit was brutal.
  8. The whole damn thing is shameful.
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