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  1. Just curious-- I though you'd said that's where you were from. I was thinking about it because some of my friends were up there a couple weeks back-- to get some hogs butchered. Sounds like a nice place!
  2. Yea, that is awesome. They should have left it posted.
  3. You interested in adding a FF league?
  4. Hey Buff Khan, you're on the clock. . .
  5. Was Ms. Buff with you at the time?

  6. Info's in the Dec 11th thread. We're meating in LoDo around 7.
  7. Definitely not Friday - company holiday party - maybe Saturday, keep me posted.
  8. Hey Buff, are you gonna meet us Friday or Saturday night for drinks?
  9. Ahh, gotcha. . .
  10. Well that's fvckin' cool!
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