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  1. Eh, i think the expectations and quality of player that Durant was is a lot different than Brock's scenario where many doubted Brock could even succeed at the pro level. I think had Durant been able to win a championship in OKC it would of changed his whole perspective about leaving.
  2. Ok. But Haynesworth is still there. lol
  3. Right. Haynesworth was already in Washington when Shanny arrived, just as Cutler and Marshall were already in Denver when McD arrived.
  4. As too your high five. No Cutler and Marshall were drafted by Shanahan. Haynesworth was signed as a FA before Shanahan took over. Either i missed the point he was trying to make or he assumed that Haynes was a Shanahan signing.
  5. Ok, cool. I didnt realize or know that there was a flamewar over that thread. Thanks for the info.
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