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  1. RE: your MHS - what do you think? Of course I'm not OK with that, and would never do it personally.
  2. No worries. I meant the "good times" in a sarcastic, and joking way, and it didn't come off right. I know what a tough time it was, and I'm happy for you. I felt terrible for you at the time. I'm sorry to have brought up the bad memories.
  3. Same here. Sometimes we hurt the ones we love. I know I can have a pretty biting sarcasm sometimes that cuts as deep as any direct personal attack. I don't mean it to come off that way, but I'm told it does.
  4. Love ya, man. I can't wait until this election season is over. I know it won't effect our relationship long term, but worry about it sometimes.
  5. Happy Birthday buddy! Hope you have a great day.
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