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  1. Nah, it's all good. I'm laughing about it. Rock it if you want.
  2. If you want me to change my avy I will, but it was too perfect to not have it up for a day.
  3. Bitch, you BETTER cheer loud for Pacqiuao, or I'm disownin' your ass. . .

  4. Just checked amigo...QC was a 4th rd pick not a 5th and painter was a 6th Rdr.
  5. Lol, NO! That is not it. I am really excited for my English wedding, my cousins fiancÚ is a singer/dancer and all of her brides maids and friends are singers/dancers- they perform in Vegas and in cruises and they are sooooooooooo hot. Plus, I figured people would want and need advice. Lets face it vacations are not things people really know much about except for what they see and hear.
  6. Okay, good to go. . .
  7. Your PMs are full. Clean that shit out, so you can be a part of the PM group about Davii's jersey that is going around. Ive got a message out to all the locals I can think of that are interested. So clean it out and figure out when you want to get the jersey.
  8. I'd do it. And then I'd try to package either Schaub or Pig Ben with Branch/Colston, and see if you can get another big-time WR back on your bench. Somebody could bite if they don't have a top QB. I'd at least try everything you can to get something back for one of those QBs.
  9. Yea, I would probably do that. It IS kinda tough breaking up a winning team, but Brees is about as reliable as they come. And Gore has easier division games than Jackson. The only thing I don't love is that you lose WR depth, where now you have a dynamic 3rd receiver you can plug in if one of the starters gets hurt. Still, it's probably worth it to upgrade to a premiere QB-- I wouldn't really trust Schaub to bring home the championship, he's too inconsistent. Arian Foster TD vultures him a lot, Kubes loves to pound it in the red zone. Ben's not that consistent either. Brees probably gives you your best chance to win. And Austin's been hurt this year anyway, you never know when those hamstring problems can re-occur.
  10. You know, I just dont like gore...He did have brees for fred jax...I think I am going to decline gore and brees for my fredj and miles and just go for strait up fredj for brees. if not try and land tebow for mendenhall (he rides my bench anyway)
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