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  1. Very true. If you buy one I can come check it out...
  2. Although it would have been an awesome excuse for you to come visit!
  3. Damn! lol
  4. No sir, I'm not selling a Winnebago. It was all part of the picture I was painting.
  5. Sounds like you've chosen! You certainly will not regret your purchase. I love my 1911s.
  6. The more I hold and compare guns the morning think I want the 1911. It just feels better in my hand.

    I took a ccw class from a friend of mine and he loves it. He actually carries a full size 1911 as his conceal carry.
  7. I don't think you'll be disappointed either way, but I will say, the 1911 is my by far my favorite handgun. Love it.
  8. Yes, there's a gun shop with an indoor range about 10 minutes from where I live. I told them I was thinking about buying the xds and they let my shoot 5 rounds for free. I was pretty impressed. The grip felt nice, the trigger pull was pretty easy.
    They didn't have a Rock Island though, but I'm inclined to think I might like the 1911 more. They do have other 1911's however, but I don't know that would help much. I guess I could to cabelas and hold the RIA just to feel the trigger pull.
  9. Both are great weapons and well worth the cost. Very reliable, forged slides, etc. Both companies also have good warranties and stand behind their products. It really comes down to personal preference. Which feels better in your hand, feel on the trigger, slide, etc? What about the stock grip, one more comfortable, better grip, etc. I've seen some people complain about the grips on springfield saying that it hurts their palm after a few magazines at the range. I've never had an issue. My father in law owns the XDS and it's a great weapon. I've fired the RIA with a buddy and I cane away equally impressed. Any ranges near you have them for rent so you can shoot them?
  10. I almost bought a Springfield xds .45 today to cc, but I'm also inclined towards a Rock Island 1911 .45 because of the positive reviews and I can get into it for about $100 more than the springflied. Do you have any input?
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