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    I just wanted your take on the apparent actions of the attorney in this horribly sad story. Obviously we don't have all the facts but it sure seems like the lawyer told a bunch of thugs who the witness was. Just seems awful.
  2. Hey buddy. I don't know if you're still in the P&R section but I posted a thread in there is like your input on. It's not overtly political but will surely get that way. It's more of a legal quandary
  3. Just keep it now worse than he gives it and you'll be fine.
  4. Well, I'll be getting banned shortly.

    See you in one to twelve weeks
  5. I did. It's not great but I did like it. It was too formulaic and too much a copy of the original but I still enjoyed it. I liked the introduction of the characters, which I think is the strong suit of the newest 3. Rey, Finn, Kylo, Po and BB8 are all great additions to the Star Wars universe IMHO. I like the actors a lot and think they've done a fantastic job.
  6. Did you like The Force Awakens?
  7. Hey now, I was the guy clamoring for him the most last offseason. At one point I was the only one. I ******* loved his game today. I love his game. I love big arm Qb's with accuracy. Thank god we have a real armed Qb. It matters more now than ever in this pass happy NFL offense. Especially if we're going to be playing in cold weather.

    That first TD pass was perfect. I still can't believe there was no PI called on it. That second TD pass was a mental feat more than anything else. Lord knows his ability to respond to pass rushers in his face is something we sorely missed. I took a lot of flak for saying draft him in the first round. I'm shocked he fell to the second round. If Gabbert, Tannehill, and Manziel are first rounds Lock should have been.
  8. Told you King old buddy, Lock is our future. Kid is all football and has unique arm talent and a head that goes along with it. Now we can watch the rest of this season just watching mature little by little. We will draft the best LT we can and go into next season with a playoff calibur team with a stud Defense, running game and a future star at QB. Life is good.

    I'm telling you man, Lock is a lot like Deshaun Watson. He didn't run a ton today but he has the ability. I loved the way he manipulated the pocket several times today, including on the second TD. I also like that he has the ability to throw accurately from several different arm angles, that to me is the sign of a truly gifted thrower.
  9. I don't like juiced baseballs either. One, it diminishes the spectacle of home runs when you see what looks like a routine shagged fly ball peter over the wall...after three a game you realize only one of those was legit...
    It also pushes fly ball pitchers out of the game - fly ball pitching has always been a bit of a risk, and sometimes if your starting pitcher is at the wrong park it can go terribly, terribly wrong. That being said, it shouldn't be so punishing to an entire type of pitcher. Some would argue it's a small price to pay, and they might be correct.

    What you described reminds me a story of Ted Williams. He got so irked at people saying he didn't have power that he, for a game or two, made it a point to go for more power. After he proved his point, he went back to knocking in all kinds of hits. Your story also reminds me of Tony Gywn, who sacrificed power for outrageously high batting averages.
  10. I hate the juices balls. Baseball needs to get away from the HR is everything mindset and juicing balls to create ridiculous HR numbers is really hurting the product IMHO. I love small ball. I love singles and doubles and situational sacrifices that bring runs home. The constant HR swings in every situation kinda makes the game feel more like a casino game of chance. "Just swing hard and hope"

    It's one reason why DJ Lemahieu is one of my all time favorite players, even in Colorado he was a guy who would adjust his approach to the situation at hand. He would hit the ball to where the pitcher was pitching him. Pitch him outside and he'll hit an opposite field single. I absolutely love his baseball IQ and his approach to the game. I didnt post about it a lot but it really killed me that the Rox let him go.
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