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  1. His passing stats are 22/27, 338 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT, 156.4 rating. 3 of those 5 incompletions were dropped passes. Rushing stats are 5 rushes for 41 yards and 2 TD. Don't know the stats on first downs. Hard to find that in the preseason.
  2. Perhaps. If/when romo gets hurt and he plays in reg season we will know for sure. He went to the best place w a good OL.....has he run a bunch? I know you said TDs, but how about yards, firsts, etc?
  3. Obviously he was a little more ready than you thought.
  4. Lol no shit, I can't believe it. That guys was the biggest project ever
  5. Perfect passer rating in their most recent game. 12/15, 199 yards, 2 TD, and 2 rushing TD
  6. He has 6 touchdowns and 5 incompletions through 2 games, both of which he played with/against starters.
  7. I have not. I haven't even seen our games yet. What is dak doing?
  8. He buddy, you been watching our boy Dak in the preseason?
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