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  1. I apologize for the part I played.
  2. Well, it wasn't your fault, but it does demonstrate why I rarely post about faith in that forum.
  3. The God thread turned into a shitfest. Some of it was funny, but I wish I hadn't made it in retrospect.
  4. P&R
  5. Which thread?
  6. I appreciate your sincerity in that thread. That thread is a good reason why I rarely post in that forum. The cynism gets nasty quick.
  7. So, I gather your not happy with me. I'm guessing you telling me, "**** you" is a good indicator. I'm sorry I offended you dude. I honestly felt you were being a little condescending so I responded in what I felt was like manner. However, it wasn't my intention to make you mad. I hope we can reconcile things...I'm sorry dude.
  8. What gives man? I started a thread in your honor in Talkin' Smack and you didn't even reply. Come on man!
  9. You don't owe me a thing my man. I should have taken heed to your words about being in a bit of a mood because of the traffic around you. Glad everything is copacetic.
  10. LOL, I take everything back. I was looking at someone else's page. I do enjoy your posts however.
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