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  1. He takes shots at me all the ******* time. You don't see it as much because he doesn't post a ton, but he 'started it'. Again.
  2. Well, if yer gonna shit on my couch, I ain't lettin' you use the elevator. You want it bad enough to climb five flights at altitude?
  3. Mothafvckas betta recognize!

    You feel confident that you did well?
  4. It takes the Law School Admissions Council seven weeks to grade a standardized test.
  5. Alright, fine. I will deal w/ your rebellious bullshit when I have a minute to waste.

    In the meantime, holla at your boy. You get your test scores back yet?
  6. The team came in and improved under him when Manning took the field. That SD game comeback was all him.

    TS has been fine, if not overrated or underrated by various posters. DT and ES have done their jobs. CJ when he was on the field. Elway gave him Okung and Stephenson, both of which should have been upgrades. Kubiak was also supposed to be a QB Whispering offensive lineman fixer. He's done a decent job with TS, for sure. He's done nothing to fix that line. Okung didn't become a horrible player over night. Why is he regressing? Why are none of our guys getting any better?

    Elway built the defense that carries Kubiak. Coaches have to coach up their guys. Phillips does it, for example. And if the team wins off of defense, and the offense has been shit for the past two years....

    You can just admit it -- I was right, you were wrong, and mean. Stop being a mean doggie fish
  7. Meh. I maintain that he did a masterful job last year-- he also got some lucky breaks. We haven't gotten them this year, and he hasn't been good enough. Big picture, it's been a systemic break down-- in a year that went Plan C the moment we lost both QBs. Plus, if we're being honest, we got caught a little when free agent defections thinned our depth, and unfortunately exposed the failure of some of our recent high and mid-round picks. JFE is a true beast, but it catches up with you when you've invested prime picks in Ball and Hillman (and good money in CJ), yet you're reduced to playing a gimpy rook and a guy off the street. Who comes in and fumbles his first touch.

    Nah, Gary hasn't been close to good enough, and I've dog-cussed him and his whole sorry offensive staff plenty of times. But if you want to compile a detailed list of who HAS done their job well enough on that side of the ball, I'll wait. I'll spot you the better news in the meantime. Next year we'll have cap room to spend again, plus extra draft picks. The needs are fairly obvious, and Elway almost always moves decisively. IMO, it's really even more on him than on Gary-- the Duke brought GK back t run this system, he needs to supply the necessary personnel. We'll see how it goes.
  8. Cleveland sucks.
  9. Lol, wasn't worried about that-- I definitely won't have time to write anything worth stealing!
  10. Yes. I just want your personal opinion. I'm not going to steal your work or anything.
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