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  1. Thats good to know. I shall set the arrow on fire for you.
  2. In my will I have it written that I am to be given a Viking funeral. I even have a bowman.
  3. Nonsense, take 3 excedrin, grab a cheerleader for a quick handjob and get back on the field. lol
  4. I have a migraine and bad knee pain. So I'm probably a little grouchy, too.
  5. Of course, and im sorry if you thought i was taking a shot at you. Thats twice today where it thought i was just being funny and i ended up offending someone. My apologies. \m/
  6. Yea, highly annoying.
  7. Fan police suck.
  8. Dude, you ******* NAILED that last post in the Town Hall Thread. Well done.
  9. Well, that does make sense as most of the group was pretty conservative which lead to some clashing between us mods as well. lol
  10. They usually sent you because we got along. I was just a little ******* troll and clashed heavily when the board was moderated by all conservatives. When Mtnman and Top were mods at the start was bad times.
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