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  1. I know mate. Obviously I totally agree with you on this. I just can't be bothered arguing the point with people who are never going to move on the issue (although AZ might change slightly)
  2. I love you bro. Every now and again I just got to throw down the gauntlet on the 'idk hoes' and hit them with truth and not be nice about it. It def isn't aimed at you.

    Sometimes the Style Don has to style.
  3. Lol, I respect that level of emotional honesty. I guess you need to work out why that is so important to you.... Then critically analyse that reason to see if it is still valid or in fact just a long held belief that it's no longer valid to your safety or survival or at least to your perception of those things.
  4. I feel like when I do it, especially if they're quoting me, that I'm losing or conceding the point.
  5. Good for you mate, it is literally futile. It is difficult for you now, because it's new. That will pass, it will become normal and you will be more zen more often.
  6. I have scrolled past or stopped myself from replying to numerous conversations or comments filled with false facts and bad rhetoric. I did so not because I didn't want a conversation, but because the poster/s in question would never actually have a real discussion.

    This is really hard for me.
  7. No; I'm going to guess it was a preemptive decision.
  8. Strange... Did things get heated in there?
  9. I think the OP either deleted it or a mod did.
  10. What happened to that thread about the felons getting paid not to offend
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