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  1. hahahah.. thank you, ma'am!
  2. Hey I voted for you without tickets...
  3. I'm sorry you've been down. You are awesome. Just know you have a fan in me!
  4. Thank you so much for your kind words....been kind of down so they are very much appreciated....
  5. You're lucky you didn't see the whole thing. I had a very uncomfortable feeling the entire game. The team was definitely not sharp. Someone on one of the threads speculated that something may have been wrong with Manning. I wonder if that might be true. It just wasn't a very enjoyable game at all.
  6. Just saw a highlight. Dang Champ really did get beat.....some times it just easier to read about it. Bless Davii heart he was texting me through the whole game. Got to see the 4th Qrt.
  7. Yeah, it sucks. I was really looking forward to getting up there. I've still never seen a playoff game in person. It's probably for the best. If they're going to play like that it would have just made for a very long flight home. ha ha.
  8. well dang I'm really bummed I won't get to see you next week. But hey at least we didn't freeze our tails off. BTW it's cold here in Tucson. Not Denver cold and you should see how much these people are carrying on. But I did make money today and pretty darn good with less foot traffic than normal....
  9. I will definitely give you a buzz!
  10. Of course you can call me..... I behave most of the time anyway, but glad I gave you a laugh.
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