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  1. I do. Thankfully, very minor.
  2. Did Joe tell you what it said before he edited it the first time?
  3. Of course I do! Someone told me-- I laughed.
  4. Classic flick. Classic.
  5. I saw "Better Off Dead" in the Theater as well, which I am proud of because it wasn't a huge box office hit I don't think. Then of course, it's one of only three times that a main character in a movie shared my name.
  6. Just because something is "epic" doesn't necessarily mean it's good. Epic can be bad. . . I think.
  7. :d :d
  8. Yea. . . thanks a lot!
  9. It's because the Freak was so awesome that I would assume that thread happened there vs here.
  10. I'll pass, but thanks for the offer. I inevitably find a way to lose if there's any money involved at all.
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