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  1. Yea, we warned against cloud recordings, using personal rooms (vs. random room IDs), suggested but didn't mandate an entrance lobby, stuff like that. We switched from Webex to Zoom last year, and much prefer it. Very surprised/dissapointed in all the vulnerabilities they have/had, but they at least have jumped on it and attacked the worst ones already.
  2. No judging here! Our IT department moved us to Zoom a few weeks back. I like it, but yeah, the security aspect is troubling. We have a "best practices" such as invite only, password required,etc. To hopefully mitigate.
  3. I've only been to Rome once. Right after wife was diagnosed with stage III melanoma and a 2 out of 3 chance of five year survival, oncologist said plan for the worst, hope for the best, we piggy backed on the back of a business trip and spent a couple days in Munich, few days in Milan (day trip to Venice) and then about a week in Rome. Rome was truly amazing, and I've been wanting to get back there with the wife in the 17 years since that trip.

    I love Germany, especially the clean/efficient nature of it, and the majestic beauty of Austria/Switzerland, but Rome was truly amazing. The history there from the Vatican to the Colosseum, to the forum, to Nero's buried palace or the last supper, and so much more that is truly amazing. I'll get back some day, but if you ever get a chance, and there was one place to go in western Europe, Rome would definitely be my suggestion as the place to go.
  4. I'd love to visit someday. I really want to see Rome most of all, but I want to visit the whole of Europe. Maybe the new career will afford me that opportunity.
  5. Good point. Hadn't considered that. I know that many of their animal husbandry and food prep is much different, such as a focus on traditional bread making vs. the preservative laden stuff we get in grocery stores, but that doesn't preclude an actual different in the breed/genetics of what their chicken vs. ours. That could certainly play a role.

    As a much smaller country and population, they tend to do much more farm to table to type food stuff than we do from what I can tell. Even when it comes to their fruits and such, the sources in Italy/Spain or northern Africa is only a few days away by lorrey vs our much longer journeys from south America at many times of the year. They also tend to focus on menus that change with the seasons vs. ours being the same year round.

    It's always interesting how different so many things are there vs. here.
  6. Maybe there are legitimate genetic differences as well?
  7. Yea. US Cornish hen is probably about right in terms of size of German chicken (henchen) breast . It's striking how much smaller the chicken breasts are in Germany. To be honest. the human ones as well. I can't say it's the same in other places, as most of my trips are to Germany, with UK a distant second and can't remember getting too many chicken breasts in England, but in Germany I would estimate about 1/3 the size of US ones.

    My best guess is that there chickens are closer to real free range (not the BS version we have) and they don't pump them full of antibiotics, hormones and the like.
  8. I moved it to the what's for dinner thread. That is interesting, so they're like in between a Cornish hen and chicken in Europe?
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