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  1. I earned that ban in the 'other games thread'. And I didn't argue that point because I earned it.
  2. I'm hanging in there. Glad you're doing well.
  3. Sure looks that way!!!!
  4. We have a quarterback!!!!!!!!!
  5. Broncos QBs, creating fan tension for decades.

    Hopefully the Broncos are better then most experts think and it will be something to look forward to.
  6. Thanks Tned - glad we could overcome our differnces and be friends!
  7. Careful, an outspoken California poster cyber stalks member's profile pages and then rants about them. These profile posts aren't private.

    That said. I don't get how/ why people let it spill over. Beyond that, I don't understand why people get so angry and emotional over differences of opinion, political or otherwise.

    I think it's completely boring to have a discussion when everyone holds the same opinion.
  8. I don't miss P and R at all. I don't think I should ever go back there. It sounds like it's still toxic and still a place where people who otherwise would be friends just turn into different people.
  9. So, you can imagine how frustrated I get from the handful of people that infer, or state outright, that anyone that crosses me gets banned. It's simply not the case. Even in that case where every time he posted I was infuriated, I had to suck it up and take it, because I wasn't going to force them to ban him (they maintained it happened elsewhere, so no rules violation even though they thought it was low class and wrong) and I wasn't going to back on my word and ban him, since I ceded that control to the mods years ago.

    Anyway, ancient history. Just sick of being the whipping boy for bans. Shit, if I had control there would probably never be a ban issued. I'm pretty well aligned with Buff in my personal opinion about banning. I would be more for a complete free for all forum, but I said from day one that I wasn't going to set the rules or enforce them, the community would.
  10. **** that guy, then. That's out of bounds.
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