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  1. Hello Native. Good to talk to ya, I have been lurking around
  2. Carol,
    thank you for the well wishes I too hope you & your loved ones have a merry Christmas and be safe.
    David (Bronco Bible)
  3. Hey Native how ya doin?
  4. She was..but before summerz she was jovi-bronco I thought maybe you stayed in touch with her.
  5. Hi David. I thought 2 minute warning on Mania used to be Summerez on Mania.
  6. Carol do you know if 2-minute warning (Jovi-Bronco) ever comes over here anymore?
    David (Bronco Bible)
  7. I didn't know if I was doing that right either...but I guess we got it.... we are very good thank you...just listening to some J.Cash....
  8. Hey David - I have no idea if I am doing this right or not - I have been fine - how have you and yours been?

  9. Hello Carol
    how have you been?
    David (Bronco Bible)
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