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  1. Thanks Joe! Love ya, my friend!!
  2. Oh man. That sucks! Wishing her the best.
  3. Still in labor. If she doesn't have him by the 14th, they'll induce. SIGH!!!!!
  4. What's happening with your daughter and the baby?
  5. Thanks Joe! Hugs!!
  6. Your tag line always reminds me of this song. Not the same words, but close enough!
  7. That is fantastic news on sobriety!! So happy for her and you and your wife! Sorry to hear about the douchebag, hopefully he gets hit by a train or something else. LOL! I'll keep praying she stays on the right track! Hugs!
  8. You're so sweet, GEM. Thanks for checking in. Things are slowly but surely getting better. She's in court today to make the temp restraining order permanent. We'll see how that goes. We have the kiddos since yesterday and fortunately my wife's school is on spring break this week so I don't have to deal with them alone.

    He's been a real POS - sending my wife and I horrible texts before we started ignoring them. I wish I could have blocked him altogether, but daughter's attorney said not to for evidentiary purposes - just don't respond.

    She's still a bit of a mess, but getting better (little by little) every day. She's now on month 3 of sobriety.

    Thanks again for reaching out!
  9. Hey Joe! Just checking in, hope your family is doing well! Hugs!
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