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  1. Living in the south, I only have to do the ice thing once or twice a year -- we almost always get ice vs. snow -- but, I know it's never fun and can be dangerous, especially if it isn't flat lands. Glad you made it safe. Yea, the short day is probably good for you, but hopefully it's a good day. I know the camera thing is bad, but I'm surprised how many people have completely jumped ship on McDaniels the last 24 hours.
  2. Done for the year, wooo.....hooo. Oh the big guy was so looking out for me. There are a hundred miles of ice, snow and people off the road that could of happened to me. Believe me when I say I beyond grateful for everything. We are taking the bus down to the game, get let off super close, not going early and the bus forces me to leave. Fingers and toes crossed....p
  3. Good. Take care of yourself. You push yourself hard with all that traveling.
  4. You're friend was right on with what the Dr.s gave me. Plus I really believe in adding natural when ever I can. Great recos that are easy for me to follow, thank you again...
  5. Yep, it is very easy and most of us are guilty from time to time of being quick to judge on limited facts -- I'm not immune from it.
  6. I'm putting this here because to be honest I could care less what many of the frequent posters think these days. Anyway, I was thinking about the whole spy and then my illness. My Dad was sick a lot when I was a kid and I'm starting to think it could of been the diver..... stuff, now that I think of his symptoms. It took me being in a catscan with great tech to see what was going on. They got me on the right meds, knock on wood, and I'm healing, slowly, but healing. My Dad didn't have that and suffered a lot and had multi surgeries to his colon. I think it's just too easy to read or hear a small part of a story and think you know the answer. I'm finding the older I get the less I even know the questions these days. Take care Tned, I really did appreciate you're and Carol's concern for me and how to take care of my health....p
  7. Hope you feel better soon, and can get to the game.
  8. Trust me I am. I have never been this sick and in such severe pain for so long. I love nuts, popcorn, berries with seeds and have eat a lot of all of them. So that goes, the popcorn is the worst for me to give up and will be adding more fiber to my diet. Thanks Tned, if I keep doing better I actually get to go to the game tomorrow. I'm hungry for the first time since Monday....dang. The only good thing is that I lost 7 pounds this week, so I don't want to gain all that back with really bad food..... Hope the guys have a good game.
  9. Sorry it ended the way it did, but hope you had a good time. At least you saw a better game than I did last week and I don't think you came down with a migraine. Take care Tned, heading to Houston late tomorrow and will be out of touch for the week. For my sake it's probably a good trip home....p
  10. very cool.....I hope you're having a good time over there. Royal can be a great guy, glad he was so nice. Yell your head off......Hope you get some rest before you head home or at least get some sleep in the plane back.....p
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