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  1. You might have seen my explanation in the thread, but I was wondering who had the radio (comms or communication equipment) in his helmet. In past years, it was DJ. This year, it's been Woodyard. Like on offense with the QB wearing it, you can only have one player on the field with a radio at a time, so they normally have a player that isn't subbed out that wears the radio. That player then has to relay the defensive plays to the rest of the defense.
  2. What are you talking about with the D and comma(sp?) ?
  3. Oh thanks....Actually it still wasn't better on Sat so I went all day with the headache, it just didn't get to the point where I got dizzy again or needed to throw up, those are the worst. Then tore down at 6 and was making good time till I had to load up. Then the rain opened up and whatever time I gained in packing I lost in loading. So I didn't leave Madison till 10 that night. Drove 3 hours passed out for 5 then got 6 Central time, 5 Denver time & drove the 800 miles to make it to Denver at 5. Gary picked me up and we went to the game. It was worth the killer drive, what a game and I got to tell Wolfe about the day, he told me man you are totally crazy but got a big smile.
  4. Thanks for understanding that yesterday was just tough and sucky for me. As I posted I got some sleep and perspective and woke up feeling so much better. I just appreciate the fact you got how my mind can get so sucked up in the whole process.... Thank goodness it's only a 24 hr "bug", well 48 if you count Friday and Sat. Have a great week....p
  5. What I have been hoping is that Weber could develop into a long term backup for OZ. Like Elway and Kube were back in the day. I really need to eat so could you please text me when # 8 has been decided, thanks....
  6. Even though it might not have been the best for the Broncos this year, I was kind of hoping they would go with Manning, Weber and Osweiler and release Hanie.
  7. I think I hate this day as much as yesterday. Klis just blogged that he doesn't thing Weber will be put on PS. Adam has really gotten under my skin like one of my kids. I feel like I'm watching a pot screaming boil damn it and then afraid of what happens when it does. So I need to do something than refresh Twitter every minute. Thank goodness I'm trying to do hand work while I'm waiting....
  8. I didn't even get to see the game last night. I had some work stuff to do. I'll watch it this weekend on the NFL Preseason Live site. Even though I know that Hanne is a better backup right now, there was part of me hoping they would roll the dice and go with Weber and Osweiler. Hopefully, Weber makes it on the practice squad.
  9. Well bless both of you. Just have to wait it out now for practice squad. Weber is like one of my kids so the next hours are going to be tough but I can only hope for the best for him. I almost woke up my neighbors last night when he threw that pass....thanks for keeping us up to date and for your help during camp... BTW I got 89 of 90 players on my football this year, only need Champ which could be tougher than it use to be.....
  10. You too. I haven't been on much the last couple weeks, both with travel, and then the loss, I need some "licking the wounds" time. I always take the end of the Broncos season hard. Kind of silly, as it's just a game, but still... Travel safe when you hit the road again.
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