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  1. I know, it's so much more than I thought would happen in such a short time. Wow that was something else. The stadium was packed I think there were only like 600 - 800 no shows. They even sold out of programs by the time I got there...worked all morning.

    Thank goodness you didn't need the positive thread again this week. Have a great week buddy...p
  2. I great part of my business is that I don't have to keep coming up with new Quilt Kits and Patterns since I take them to different shows around the country. The bad part of my business is that I drive to all the different shows. The last 3 years I've driven about 30,000 miles a year. This year is catching up with me, so at some point I'm going to have to start making decisions to what to keep and what to give up.

    Have a great Bronco Sunday!!!! p
  3. I'm doing this for fun....I'm doing this for your heels 3 times and I have no idea, but WTH I hope you're smiling by now...p
  4. Thanks, I'm so happy I just got notice that I got a good location at on of my biggest shows of the year in Houston, wooo...hooo...p
  5. Tned, just in case you don't see the Hi Five are you going to put a poll for the adopt. I'm just like a kid in this, but I know how much you care about that great "kid" of yours...p
  6. OK you just got me happy again. I don't tweet, get or anything like that I can barely e-mail, but how do you follow Sheff's tweets? Thanks Tned...p
  7. Thank you so much. I'm just having a crappy day, it happens. So many things I enjoy have not been good this week and I feel like a bird that's being kicked out of my comfort nest. I know you have no idea what the heck I'm talking about, but thank you so much for making me smile tonight. Dude it's late where you live and it's past my bed time...p
  8. Hey Tned is there any way you can sticky Danny's story again? At least until preseason is over. To be honest when it first came out I thought it was something to do with the whole Shanny/Cutler mess and I never read it until today. I was glad I did and posted on his board. He still has a long way to go and I'm sure he would appreciate our help. Thanks for having the post to start with, but maybe include A Solider in the title...p
  9. Great job Tned! I was thinking Peyton would be perfect, esp since he is from your home state. I would salute you, but I just hit the smiley and do not know any of the codes, that's the difference between us.... (OK I know one)
  10. you are a very, very funny man, have a great night....p
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