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  1. Drive safe and good luck with the show -- haven't been called a kiddo in a long time!!

    As I said, I'm not opposed to it, I just don't think it will be very active and might be a pain for the mods to police, but we can maybe give it a go. Unfortunately, anything short of another 6-0 start, and i think the negativity (towards current and former players/coaches) is going to continue, so I understand why you want it.
  2. Thanks, I think because I'm so stressed if this next group of shows will pan out that my paper thin skin is like tissue today. I will try to use my ignore button more, actually driving the 1000 miles I'm getting ready to do, will cure a lot... Please consider the Orange Colored Thread, I just need a place to love my team and not hate some of the fans....later kido....p
  3. I totally get it. That's why I was so confused, because not knowing that he trade to get more picks and then used them to get Tebow I can see both sides. In the summary we got pretty much what we went in with so that's why I never understood the whole we gave 3 picks away. I would not want to play poker, backgammon or really any board game with McD, the man clean my clock with chess even if he had never played...thank you so much, I get it now....p
  4. (con't -- last part)

    The 'argument' comes down to taking a simplistic "giving three picks for the 25th pick was givingup too much value", which on its face is probably true, vs. "we stockpiled picks by moving back twice, with the sole intention of taking those picks and trading them to allow us to move back into the first round and take Tebow" at which point overpaying a bit for the 25th pick (and as a result Tebow), is perfectly fine, because you only had those picks, because you moved back with the intention of gathering picks to trade for a late round pick to take Tebow with.

    Hopefully that cleared things up a bit, without making it more confusing. It can be hard to explain this in writing.
  5. (con't - over 1000 character limit)

    Many NFL analysts, including some that think Tebow might be a good starter after he develops, think that based on 'value' that the Broncos gave up too much to get the 25th pick, and as a result, gave up too much to get Tebow. Based on the draft value charts, what we gave up was worth more than the 25th pick.

    I look at it differently, we had those extra picks, because McDaniels move back to stockpile picks so that he could have two first round picks, as told ESPN's Ed Warder before the draft that he wanted Thomas and Tebow in the first.

    Also, we entered the draft with something like a 1st, two 2nds, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th, and after all the trade backs and drafting Tebow had something like two 1st's, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th. So, in essence we moved back, which allowed us to exchange a 2nd for a 1st (and we did move back a bit in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, which also adds to the 'cost').
  6. Ok, here goes. I'm going by memory, so I'm going to be off a bit on the actual pick numbers (and don't have time to look it up rght now), but this will give you the gist of it. The Broncos went into the draft with th 11th or 12th pick in the first round, plus had seven draft picks in total I believe, something like two 2nds, a 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th (again, I could be off a bit). When it was the Broncos turn to pick, they moved back in the draft. When it was their turn to pick again, I believe they moved back a second time. Then, they pick demarius Thomas at 22nd, and at that point, from moving back, they have three extra picks compared to when they started (but obviously the price was their first, first round pick being 22nd, not 11). So, they then traded a 2nd, 3rd and 4t round pick to Baltimore for the 25th pick and selected Tebow.
  7. I did remember hearing that Landry read that he was fired in the newspaper before he was notified. For me I identified more with the Jake in that I've given it all I've got and this is your thanks??? So I took it more personal that I should of. That's why Kyle blows me away with his professionalism, that's who I want to be. Going to the game tomorrow, hope Kyle stays on track....p
  8. I would love to see Graham get more into the passing game. He's been involved in spurts the last couple years, but not regularly. Definately need a healthy Clady, Kuper and Harris and don't need any setbacks for Clady. Hopefully, the release of Tyler means Clady is progressing well. Those three guys need to be healthy to help out the rookies on the line. It will be interesting to see if Gaffney and Lloyd can produce consistantly once they are thrust into a role requiring it. Gaffney is no longer the fill in guy or 3rd WR, but now is probably going to be turned to to be THE guy.
  9. I meant DT and not DR....BTW we may have to talk football here more often....wink...wink
  10. Back to here. You know what I'm worried about DT is that he seems to be coming back too soon and not healing. Or that there is more going on that we know. I was amazed how long it took Harris to heal from his toe thing. The feet are tricky. I told Harris take care of yourself, dude we really need you. I so hope Clady is not rushing it, I think that's why I found cutting Tyler shocking because I DON"T want them to try to get Clady out there too soon. The WR have been working a lot with Kyle and DR not so much, so I'm not as worried about their timing. I hope Stoks and Graham are ok, Graham had some killer passes from Kyle in camp...take care...p
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