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  1. Danka, bud!
  2. I put him on ignore, just for you. I should have reacted better I'll own that and leave it at that.
  3. It's all good, him referring to him as a piece of shit is what got me riled up, maybe I shouldn't have responded as I did, but my response was no worse than what gets given daily by guys like Jaded, Mo, Wave, ect... but for some reason he decides he needs to lash out anytime I respond... Life goes on. Hopefully now that he's on ignore we can put an end to that little feud...

    Just wanted to make sure you knew my little comment about "you owing Talib an apology" was just intended to give you a hard time, not call you out or anything.
  4. Yea, I kind of got him riled up. I didn't have the Harris connection until after that, so that was on me. Sorry bout that!
  5. Glad I was right, though I'm not entirely sure what I was right about
  6. Exactly right!
  7. Thanks!
  8. To be really frank...I'm logging off for the day. Those two are sapping my ability to stay positive. Heaven forbid someone not be a pessimistic ass around these parts.
  9. It's ******* annoying as shit and makes me not want to read the bullshit here. I love football and i don't desire sticking around the negativity.
  10. I believed you lol, just not patient enough. Thanks for doing what you do!
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