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  1. Actually just happened to see it on my fb feed. Thought it was really cool as well.
  2. Where did you get that picture on Meck? I love this more than anything I've seen in a long time....I want it...LOL
  3. I agree. Some people are just loons unfortuantely. As too hockey havent had a lot of time to catch many games on the tube, been busy watching NCAA Basketball as of late. But go AV's!
  4. I am not going to miss the Tebow nuts at ALL! On the early news they were getting response to Tebow probably moving on and some actually said. The wins were divine intervention and we will face the wrath for 10 years for letting him go. Please take the dang circus with you.....they just get under my skin and I'm a Christian.....yikes.
  5. Didn't know you were into hockey. Hoping the Avs have a good game tomorrow night, take care...p
    (Did you watch the game on VS?)
  6. Im not worried about it honestly PN. Par for the course unfortuantely. lol
  7. Hey North, I'm sorry it's been tough. Frenchie's right you have been McD supporter all year. You know how many times I went to camp, and that I talk to many of the players.

    When it comes to Shef I love that kid, I knew about him being benched before anyone because he told me. I also think it was just a very strained relationship between them from the beinging. It was all about Jay and hard feeling on both sides, so it came apart in the end.
    Coach Turner is from Chicago and he and Shanny go way back. His mom still lives in Chicago, so that was no surprise that he would want to go to WA. Rick and Kube go way back from their playing days, so a raise and promotion, a given.

    Nolan, so I know nothing about him at all, which says something. I talked to all the other coaches, including McD and BS about family. He was aloof and never warmed up to any of the fans. My gut tells me that he viewed us as a cow town and we were a stepping stone . Hate seeing you frustrated..p
  8. Yea, i played Qb and FS in high school. Although i was much lighter in weight at that time. lol
  9. Oh it's tough, esp since you had never seen them before. Just got home from IA and of course this is the game I could get on the radio.... Glad you had a good time anyway. I'm beat, oh well. There is nothing like a live game, take care...p
  10. Definitely. Its going to be a grand time.
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