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  1. Hey man, what does this mean?

    Charles Taamu, DT, Texas A&M-Commerce

    Is that separate from A&M itself or is it part of the same University? Thats how that player was listed and i had never seen that before.
  2. I didnt say everyone was logical. Hence, why its better when your here. lmao
  3. Always. I've been checking out your review site lately too. Nice stuff.

    I'll be around more often once the season starts and my move is done
  4. Ahhh, well good to know everything is ok with you man. Hopefully when the season starts a lot of negativity will go away as long as we are winning. lol
    But, take care of yourself man and hope all stays well. \m/
  5. Combination of a few things. Work has been cracking down on internet usage and the negativity on the board just hasnt been worth the visit lately. I'll stop in and look around regularly, but my posts are limited.

    On top of that...I may be looking at work moving me to North Carolina soon, so I've been dealing with all that as well.
  6. Dude, where ya been? Miss your posts man.
  7. I do get into a lot of Progressive Metal depending on who it is but like you im pretty wide open with what i can listen too.
  8. Power and Prog are probably my favorite...but I'll listen to Death, Thrash and Metalcore all day. Just went to DevilDriver last week. They were solid, but the set was too short. Only played about an hour.
  9. lol,

    Yea, i dont get into much PM but i do like Helloween, Primal Fear, and Cage a lot.
  10. Try bands like Metalium, Mystic Prophecy, Iron Fire, Wizard, Winterborn, Rebellion...

    ...I could go on forever...I love power metal
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