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  1. I'm good, great to be back with some familiar faces talking broncos. I hear ya on the busy part, life finally is settling for me as well, I'm back in Italy again so pretty stoked about that. Kind of sad Denver doesn't play in England this year.
  2. It is...just running around a lot....haven't been on the board for a while.... How are you doing?
  3. I'm back! hope all is well with you!
  4. dont think i will be around to much more after me and and a poster went at it, just not motivated to deal with it sorry, hope you enjoy the season.....i will keep in touch with a few people here
  5. thanks Pn, its good to be back i was just so busy moving my life across the world and the lockout had me less motivated to post, im coming back though dont
  6. Hey good to see you again, can't believe it's almost been a year. Which is funny because I'm getting ready to go to WI again. Thanks for the MUG's link, wow great info. Hope all is well, drop a note once in a while even if you don't post too much. I still can't seem to stay away but not as much fun as it use to be.....later....p
  7. I agree winning cures so many things and I really hope you can see the start of the a winning team this year. Man I need to get work and it's good because this crap is so old. Leaving on Tues to WI and then I get to drive to San Diego in 3 days for another Quilt Show, thank goodness. I just appreciate intelligent posting and not he sucks, no he does....take care....p
  8. We actually buy season tickets from a friend of mine. I will be gone for 2 of the games with my traveling, but for me that's actually a pretty good considering I'll be working a lot this fall and out of state for 6 weeks. Thanks for your kind wishes.
  9. glad you enjoyed the game, hope you get to go to another one
  10. maybe the lights will come on once he checks his attitude a bit
    Hey Elev...I was not sure where you were talking about here. If it's Smith I did see a different kid this year out at camp. I'm talking about his attitude. Last year he walked around like he was all that. This year he was more humble, treated the kids nice like giving them his gloves and just took time with the fans in general and came over when he didn't have to. I'm not sure how all this translates but he was really different in that manner and it was refreshing so I hope it works out. Also UR said that they are not using him to his where he should be too when were at camp together.
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