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  1. Yeah the TE crop was overrated to me: feels like a repeat from 2017 where they are hyped up, they’ll be above average, one will be special, but I had a hard time putting any of them in the first round.
  2. You tooooook it
  3. Nah, fam, I'm good.
  4. Ain't nobody want that smoke!
  5. I think...I think we're bringing the old King back.
  6. Pure slot WR? If not Rice took so many snaps there it’s him; larry Fitzgerald has the same argument

    Pure slot WR: it feels like that crazy run Wes Welker had and the playoff success makes it hard to argue otherwise.
  7. Who's the GOAT slot receiver?
  8. You're dubious. I'm awesome.
  9. I'm dubious.
  10. I'm the real GOAT.
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