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  1. If you’re interested in case law on the second amendment, articles discussing Heller are really useful. I can find some fair ones and send them to you, as well as ones slanted with a position, both sides.
  2. Obviously I meant the 3rd amendment, just brain farted. Lol.

    Yeah, I haven't heard of a case like that, but my wife and I were talking about the lockdown and what we'd do if we had a renter refuse to pay and in the course of our discussion this question dawned on me and I told my wife I wish our renter was in the military because then they couldn't constitutionally force me to rent to him for free, as a joke. Then I thought oh shit, that could very easily happen and I just thought it would be a very interesting case.

    Thanks man.
  3. For the gun law stuff, far smarter folks who passed the bar could be of help. For the other question, I dunno. That’s make for a good law review or moot court problem. That’s a sharp question!
  4. Hey Kinger, I realize we are on differing sides of this debate but I have a legal question for you. Just speaking strictly from a constitutional law perspective, like I said I get that we will probably not see eye to eye on the core issue.

    How do individual state gun laws not violate the 10th amendment? It would seem to me that since directly mentioned as part of the purview of the constitution I would assume all gun laws would have to be consistent.

    I also had an interesting thought that if any person during COVID lockdowns was an active soldier(reserves, coast guard etc..) and was barred from being evicted could that be seen as a violation of the 4th? This one seems kinda interesting to me, would be fascinated by the outcome of a case like that.

    I was just curious what your thoughts were on that, I respect your opinions, even though I despise you.
  5. Hey friend. I want to send you something. Can you give me your address. I'll make sure the white powdery substance is not visible until it's opened.

    So apparently if anything somber is going on the field and play continues this dude will tear it up. I don't know why this is so funny, but it is. It starts with the apology from the dude who was caught saying something offensive on air for the Reds, transitions to the Tatis Jr. injury, etc. I think it's insane it's happened so much! Figured you'd get a laugh out of the concept.
  7. I appreciate ya.
  8. I couldn't possibly like you more.
  9. I think this fact will make you like me more: when I got into football I was around 10 years old. I loved history in all of its facets and I collected trading cards. I used to buy a certain few brands of NFL cards that were based on NFL legends of past eras. The definition of legend was sort of 'loose' in the sense that they were including guys who had a handful of PB's but were probably not HoFers. Mostly for volume, you know? If you don't have a lot of options for buyers to open they complete the set too easily. Regardless, I had a Gradishar card. I knew who he was long before this board even existed.

    Kinda cool, right?
  10. I liked your post about not being petty and letting things go. One of the issues I have with it on here is that it is usually in good fun, but sometimes my pride and ego gets in the way. Also sometimes I go at it with a poster I just despise and enjoy the mauling of them. It's not a good look, but it's also kind of the internet era that I was brought up in. That's not an excuse, it's just sort of the way things are. I will try to be better about it, sans the obvious joking and 'stylish' nature with guys like Jaded, where it's pretty clear that it's just schtick and in good fun. You gave me a lot to think about, old friend.
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