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  1. Med, B's can't score goals, defense is not as strong as last year and Tim Thomas is getting old. B's fans should be happy they got one cup from this group. They hit lighning in a bottle last year.
  2. Patrick, what is wrong with the Bruins lately? They look sluggish. I hope they make a move soon to replace Horton. I think he might be out for awhile. Also with Peverly out 4-6 weeks, they are getting thinner up front. I still think they are a great team and should rebound. Take care.
  3. lol assclown avatar. I remember that from the Mannings Army Forum
  4. Tough loss Patrick. I do feel bad for Welker. They had a good season and have nothing to complain about. The Pats played their guts out with an undermanned defense. I have tons of respect for all of them. Take care and Go Bruins.
  5. Rematch like you wanted. YOu can get your revenge. We shall se what happens. Pats would have killed SF imo
  6. Could not have said it better myself.
  7. I know Med. I'm beginning to get it. The broncos got embarassed on national TV and their fans are bullshit about it and are letting off steam. I think you're awesome Med!
  8. what is sad patrick is I know more about the Pats than a lot of their fans. I agree to your point. I am just steamed that is all. Have a good day. I do like you as a poster. take care....
  9. You must be happy, you can have so much fun with us this week, even you have to admit that was a great game to watch Patrick
  10. Congrats to the pats Patrick Well deserved win. Have not been on due to work etc. Merry xmas as well.
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