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  1. Life is paaaaain!
  2. Why do you hate everything?
  3. A horrible beast, it's true. As far as I know, millennials were the largest single voting block when 45 got "elected," so no salute there. Get out there and earn it in the mid-terms, you kids! At least I don't have to worry about you and skinny jeans. . .
  4. You are a sordid beast! By the way, millennials' work harder, are better educated, and have to clean up your generations' mess. Salute the generation that didn't vote Trump in, ya rat *******!
  5. Lolz. WTE's not a millennial, he can take the heat. You gotta know he'd be dishing it out five times worse if he was on the right end of it. Besides, Boston teams win all the damn time-- I doubt he's all that broken up.
  6. Two things:

    What Val said at the top of the page...that shit is FIRE!

    Secondly, you are super mean! If my team got stomped in the playoffs like that and you rubbed it in I would cuss you until my head exploded!

    Savage beast!
  7. Oh yea, baby. I'm almost as horrible as that cvnt Dave!
  8. He takes shots at me all the ******* time. You don't see it as much because he doesn't post a ton, but he 'started it'. Again.
  9. Well, if yer gonna shit on my couch, I ain't lettin' you use the elevator. You want it bad enough to climb five flights at altitude?
  10. Mothafvckas betta recognize!

    You feel confident that you did well?
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